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  • EcoTack labeling glues – it means the precisely integrated composition of natural caseins, dextrines, starch and synthetic polymers.
  • Labeling glues EcoTack are designed for all kind of labeling machines as well as for labeling on beer, mineral water, vine, spirit products and different kind of freshener containers.
  • EcoTack – modern labeling glues, specially designed for working on most performed high-speed labeling machines – up to 70.000 bottles per hour.
  • EcoTack – excellent tack on cold wet surfaces as well as warm dry ones.
  • Good condensate and ice-water resistance is another property of EcoTack glues.
  • The variations in composition of raw materials provide a wide range of usage of the glues: from hand-labeling to high speed machine labeling.
  • Glues EcoTack are suited for labeling on synthetic materials as well – PET, PS, PP, PE.